Two heart beating as one

We first met in a office cab, 11 pm used to be our drop together.

To be honest, First impression was not very special, but the way he used to talk, it’s like I know him from a very long time though we have just met, he’s that good and at that point of time I came to know that he do have magic in his words that amuse me every single second.

We didn’t had much talk on the first day and next day my cab was going to be missed, then I asked for the number, the numbers were exchanged and we started chatting, things started to happen, you know!

All the time we spent in the initial phase, “I came to know that she is incredibly gregarious, uplifting and fun loving”, he added,

It was just two week period, we just got to know each other better and realized that we had so much in common and we are made for each other. And within a couple of weeks, we started hanging out together and things start happening by its own, like the “The Universe is trying to set up together”.

And on Christmas Eve, I proposed him on What’s App and he replied-“With a Big Yes!” at that moment of time I had tears in my eyes and I was like top of the world!.

He Organized a surprise birthday b’ party for me while he was hurt and after that we went out for dinner, I feel so special at that moment because it’s all about these little efforts that brings you more close.

He initiated first by telling about to us to his parents, and my sister helped and her husband helped me in telling this to my parents. And our Family Agreed and now we are getting married.

I do miss my parents, my dad is not here anymore but he never let me to feel my dad absence. At last I would like to say, thank you for being with me in my ups and downs, you know how to handle me and I’m glad that I’ve found a partner like you, Love you!

From Co-passengers → colleagues—-> friends→ Best friends→ Lovers, those cab rides brought us very close.

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